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    Welcome to Cyber Slavia.

    This is just one of many entry points to Cyber Slavia.
    Geographically, Cyber Slavia is bordering with many other planets (we are on 3rd rock from the sun), but the Internet is growing and even if current inter-planetary communications are very bad, we'll go where no man has gone before.
    In the meantime, every Cyber Slav which publishes any Cyber Slavian information is adding a new piece to the Cyber Slavian map.

    Like any other country, this one has a list of things which are illegal to bring in:
    • Hatred to anybody else
    • Weapons (computer viruses, magnets...)
    • Anything else which could endanger other citizens and tourists.

    There are some rules, not just prohibitions:
    • Only Cyber languages allowed in the territory of Cyber Slavia are languages used in former Yugoslavia, including the languages of minorities like the rest of European and non-European languages (as long as they comply to standards like ASCII, Unicode, ISO etc.)
    • All rules and prohibitions are open for discussion. There are no stones in Cyber Slavia - therefore nothing is written in one either.
    • Citizenship is given automatically upon entry to Cyber Slavia.
    • Citizenship is taken automatically upon leaving Cyber Slavia.
    • Official church is Cyber Slavian Church.

    Cyber Slavia is ruled by everybody who wants to to be active in building it, but there are always those self-proclaimed 'professionals':
    • WebMaster: SashaJ (, )
    • President/King: Mirko ()
    • Vice-president: Mladen ()
    • Conscience: Ivana ()
    • Terrorist: Milan ()
    • Court jester: Plamenko ()
    • Ministers:
      • Tourism: Plamenko ()
      • Customs: Nick ()
      • Smuggling and speculations: Slavisha (, )
      • Softwer piracy: Ivan ?-) ()
      • Parties and other (un)cultural events: Bob ()
      • Proverbs and aphorisms: Dobie (, )
    • Ambassadors:
    • Mayors' Offices:
      • Belgrade:
        • Mayor: Snow White ()
        • Director of Public Relations: Cira ()

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  • Maid2Clean - have cyber slaviks working for them.

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